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Intercultural Communication

We are CONNECT, a network of teachers whose goal is to bring together students from across the world to share experiences and learn global citizenship.

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The CONNECT project aims to connect students and teachers of English from higher education institutions across the world so that they can actively engage in meaningful conversations, meet new people and learn about the world, while practicing real-world language and technology skills.  Student groups have live meet-ups, share daily pictures, group chats and videos about unique elements from their cultures and lives. This exciting project helps develop students' motivation, confidence, empathy, intercultural awareness and digital literacy, and, above all, it's fun for all those involved!

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CONNECT brings people together. We leverage the power of technology to create meaningful international virtual exchanges for students who would normally never have the opportunity to interact with each other.

We design research-based interactions for students regardless of age, gender, race, or religion to enable them to expand their cultural horizons, gain valuable communication skills, and learn global citizenship.

We work to create projects that are engaging and inspiring, that encourage participation and growth, and that provide a memorable learning experience for everyone involved.

We believe that positive interactions with people from different cultures improves motivation, develops confidence, and fosters empathy and a sense of curiosity about the wider world.

Our first responsibility is to our students. Their online and offline safety is paramount in everything we do. We create a culture of trust and respect to enable each student to communicate and interact comfortably and confidently.

Our second responsibility is to our affiliate institutions. We strive to ensure they can easily participate in our projects, get up to date reports on their students’ progress, and meet their academic needs. We work transparently and are always available to hear their concerns.

Our third responsibility is to our team. We support and respect each other, learn and create together, and help each other build our organisation so that it can fulfil its potential while remaining aligned to our core values. We know that we are stronger together.

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Over the past 18 months we have developed a unique and engaging program for students from all backgrounds and cultures.

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Spring 2022


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  1. To connect students regardless of nationality, race, religion, or gender.

  2. To prioritize student safety, needs, and outcomes above all else.

  3. To improve, develop, and expand the project based on inclusivity and mutual respect.

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